Portfolio - Science Education

Semi-interactive science exhibit at the Mall of the Emirates

We designed and built a semi-interactive science exhibit for the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. The exhibit featured AV presentations, static displays, an electrostatic interactive, lighting strike survivor mannequins, a range of lighting artefacts and of course our trademark lighting dome. The climax of the open plan exhibit was a spectacular live show in the main gallery of the Mall.

Our 700,000 visitors saw the exhibit in its 15 day duration. The live presence of our explainers in the exhibit area was invaluable in guiding visitors through the exhibit and reinforcing the educational benefit of the experience.

Tesla coil lightning effects at Theatre of Science

Theatre of Science, the seminal adult science education comedy show produced by Simon Singh and Richard Wiseman, used Tesla coil based lightning effects supplied by HVFX. From the project’s inception at the Soho Theatre, we worked with Richard and Simon to take the show to Dublin, New York and other English venues after the initial sell-out run.

The uniquely personal impression of the effects in the Theatre of Science were made possible by the safety systems designed into the performance from the outset, and the expert supervision of the stunt sequence provided by HVFX.

Lightning storm on X-periMENTAL

Endemol UK came to HVFX to create a studio scale lightning storm for the BBC One children's science series, X-periMENTAL. In front of a live studio audience we re-created various lightning strike scenarios as an experiment in lightning survival techniques.

We worked with the production team at Pinewood Studios to produce an effect that fitted the format of the show, and reflected the wacky, hands-on aesthetic of the production.

Edinburgh Science Festival press launch

Edinburgh Science Festival chose HVFX for the press launch of their event. We provided equipment and crew, as well as contributing original material to their launch event science show. Held in Edinburgh's famous Assembly Rooms, the event was attended by a VIP audience.

The pre-launch publicity included a press call with the (then) First Minister of Scotland, Jack McConnell. We coordinated the photo shoot, which generated coverage by a number of national television networks and newspapers.

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