Portfolio - Television

Lightning stunt on Ungläublich

A live audience in excess of 1 million tuned in to see Marco Schreyl perform a live lightning stunt. Marco is the host of Ungläublich, one of the most popular German language variety shows. EnBW, a German electricity utility, sponsored this prime time segment.

Working over 3 days at the RTL studios in Hürth, Germany, the sequence was refined and rigorously rehearsed. Our on-site stunt co-ordinator supervised set preparation and rehearsals. With just 3 minutes to prepare the performer during the show, extensive rehearsal was the key to achieving a seamless production without compromising safety.

Lightning strikes for Brainiac

Brainiac UK and Brainiac Spain both came to HVFX to design and produce bespoke lightning strike scenarios. We designed a number of experimental situations to deliver a spectacular effect within the context of a high energy science entertainment programme.

The hands on, practical nature of our effects work was an excellent fit for the theme of the show. Director, Mike Griffiths, took a fly-on-the-wall approach to our work, producing series of energetic and naturalistic sequences with a spectacular lightning climax.

Lightning strikes on I Survived

I Survived, a science factual series featured an episode on lighting strikes. We produced a series of lightning strike scenarios, ranging from the everyday living room to a fully choreographed stunt sequence.

Our performer brought a physical comedy to the sequence that suited the editorial direction perfectly, and provided a counterpoint to the more serious coverage of lightning strike scenarios.

Objective Productions chose HVFX to provide a full range of electrical special effects. We provided Tesla coil based lightning effects, as well as spectacular energy discharge effects for a lightning strike sequence.

We re-created accurate lightning destruction and damage, as well as creating a physical lightning bolt live on set. Due to the controllability of our effects, almost the entire sequence could safely be shot with the performers in situ.

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