Read All About it – Van De Graaff Generator

The hair raising Van de Graaff Generator is always a popular special effect during this time of year. As the summer holidays commence, our High Voltage machine heads out to various summer camps, science events and ingenious bespoke projects that are in need of some static hair action.

A Van de Graaff Generator is an electrostatic generator which uses a moving belt to build up very high amounts of electrical charge on a hollow metal globe. When a hand is placed on to the globe the electrostatic begins to work its magic. As a tingly feeling flows through the user, hair begins to rise, creating an ingenious effect.

If you’d like to find out more information on hiring the Van de Graaff then get in contact with our Ingenious team who will help discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Photo of Van De Graaff Generator from MTFX

Read All About It - Apprentices


You heard that right!

Would you like to gain valuable qualifications at Cirencester College​ whilst learning a unique trade working in the TV/Film Industries?

We are getting busier and busier so we're looking to expand our team of INGENIOUS special effects technicians and engineers.

If you have experience of providing ingenious engineering ideas and solutions we would love to hear from you.

Read All About It – Bringing Special Effects to the Bottle Yard studios in Bristol

We have some very exciting news to break in the New Year!

Following our expansion into Wales in 2017, MTFX have acquired new premises at the Bottle Yard studios in Bristol.

MTFX at The Showman's Show 2017

A comfortable meeting space, offices and storage mean we can provide even more ingenious Special Effects in Bristol and The Southwest and get closer to our valued customers.

In our 25 years as an internationally renowned Special Effects Company, Bristol and The Southwest has always been an important hub for many of our projects. We are one of the biggest local providers of Snow, Pyrotechnics, Wind, Rain, Fire effects and everything in between.

We’ve been a part of many ingenious productions at The Bottle Yard such as Poldark and The White Princess including this Ingenious Snow Scene we created for Sky One’s Trollied.

If you’ve got a TV/Film production at the Bottleyard, Bristol or in the Southwest – Get in touch!

Read All About It – MTFX at The Showman’s Show 2017

MTFX had another fantastic year promoting our Ingenious Special Effects at The Showman’s Show.

MTFX at The Showman's Show 2017

Matthew and Tom met loads of exciting people from the Outdoor Events Industry.

Matthew showing off his Smoke Bubble Machine

We exhibited our Ingenious Snow Range by crafting a stunning Trade Stand using our outdoor artificial Snow Effects such as our Snow Underlay, laid over with our Bio Degradable Fake Snow Paper Snow Standard and our Ingenious Tree Waxing Machine to decorate our Christmas Trees with an Ingenious Snow Wax effect.

Tom flocking a Xmass tree

We also had our Snow Mini Foam Snow Machine for special demos controlled by DMX from the safety of our Chalet, catching people by surprise!

And our Showstopper the MTFX Smoke Bubble Machine, an Ingenious concept creating a high adjustable output of up to approx. 6000 smoke filled bubbles a minute.

To find out more about our Ingenious Indoor and Outdoor Snow Special Effects, our Snow Machine Hire or our New Ingenious Smoke Bubble Machine for your events. Contact MTFX today!

Hair Raising Van De Graaff Generators – Read all about it

As part of our HVFX Brand we’ve got some rather Ingenious, Hair Raising Electrostatic Effects!

Our Van De Graaff Generators are the perfect attraction for your Show or event. We’ve used them for a huge range of clients over the years from Music Videos to Science Fairs, Parties, TV adverts, Performances and more!

"What’s a Van De Graaff Generator?”

A Van de Graaff generator is an electrostatic generator which uses a moving belt to build up very high amounts of electrical charge on a hollow metal globe most commonly used to make peoples hair stand on end.

Our highly skilled technicians will not only come out and operate the devices for you - keeping everyone safe whilst creating the optimum effect, but are also on hand to discuss your needs and requirements prior to your booking.

Contact Us Today to find out more.

We don’t just do Van De Graaff Generators; we have a wide range of High Voltage Effects from magnificent Tesla Coils, to Plasma Balls and more. Check out more of our High Voltage Special Effects Here

Musical Tesla Coils – Read all about it

The Brightarcs Musical Tesla Coil is a highly advanced Tesla Coil which can be programmed to play music. Set up to work with a wide range of options from keyboards to programmed tunes and melodies, this uniquely Ingenious effect will amuse, wow and entertain for hours!

The Brightarcs Musical Tesla Coil is a highly advanced Tesla Coil which can be programmed to play music. Set up to work with a wide range of options from keyboards to programmed tunes and melodies, this uniquely Ingenious effect will amuse, wow and entertain for hours!

Crank up the volume and wow your colleagues with this Ingenious Jam Session.

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Musical Tesla

MTFX New Wales HQ – Read all about it

MTFX have proudly opened a new office in Wales!

As a UK Based Internationally Renowned Special Effects Company, we are so proud to have worked on many Ingenious Welsh Productions and recognise the importance and value of the Welsh Film, TV and Events industry.

The significance of the Welsh Film/TV industry has been internationally recognised and especially in UK Government.

Wales is an amazing centre of creativity. The Welsh broadcasting market reflects everything from S4C’s Welsh language provision to news and current affairs programmes and the ever-expanding range of high-quality drama and entertainment formats." Steven Crabb – Secretary of State for Wales.

With such a booming TV and Film and Events industry, not to mention some of the incredible venues such as The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Caerphilly Castle, The Liberty Stadium Swansea, Cardiff Castle, Cardiff Motorpoint Arena. Also the countless sporting events we have attended including 6 Nations Rugby. Working in Wales has always been an exciting prospect to us as a company.

Our value in the Welsh market has been recognised across the board working with BBC Wales, S4C and more. Here are some of the Welsh productions we’ve been a part of to name a few:


  • Tidy - Stella
  • BBC - Casualty
  • BBC -  Dr Who
  • BBC - Pobol Y Cwm
  • BBC – Requiem
  • BBC – Torchwood
  • BBC – Being Human
  • BBC – Young Dracula
  • BBC – Tracy Beaker
  • S4C - Rownd A Rownd
  • S4C - Cowbois ac Injans
  • S4C - Nadolig Bryn Terfel
  • Starz – The White Princess
  • Twin Town
  • Land Rover

Live Events

  • Manic Street Preachers at Cardiff Castle
  • Manic Street Preachers at The Liberty Stadium
  • Cardiff Blues
  • The 6 Nations

That’s why we have decided to invest in a new office just outside of Cardiff. This enables us to spend valuable time getting to know our Welsh clients, providing a new comfortable and welcoming facility where we can run our business and meet with customers new and old.

If you’re a Welsh based production company why not give us a call or send us an email? See our Contact Us Page

Ingenious Plasma Balls by MTFX

A stunning visual effect, our 15” Plasma Balls are an easy to use, plug and play interactive wonder. These beautiful glass spheres, mounted on a well finished wooden base are filled with rare gasses which react with electricity to create beautiful bolts and streams of plasma.

The attractive glow of the mysterious globe makes the perfect centrepiece to any darkened space, perfect for museums or as educational props.

Our Plasma Balls have been used by a huge range of clients from private events to TV productions and adverts.

To purchase, please click here.

Or to enquire about Hire’s click here.

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Plasma Balls

Tesla training - sharing our ingenious expertise

When operating Tesla Coils and other special effects in the UK and around the world, training is such an important part of what we do here at MTFX.’

faraday cage

Not only does it keep our technicians, our clients and the public safe, it also means that we have the best expert knowledge to produce the INGENIOUS effects we do.

We spent some time "Tesla Training" our newer colleagues as well as a recap for those more experienced. Tom Lock & Jake White were brave enough to try the Faraday Cage!

To find out more about our Tesla Coils and all of our other ingenious High Voltage effects, click here

HVFX light up ‘On Events’ brand re-launch

Staff at ‘On Events’ were thrilled to witness HVFX lighting up their brand re-launch at the Nottingham Contemporary. HVFX showcased the Lightning Man stunt, featuring a chain mail clad stunt performer who is electrified and then able to fire bolts of lightning from his fingertips. The performance, set to music, wowed the onlookers, who were then able to join in the high voltage fun with a ‘Cage of Death’

Several of the staff were brave enough to lock themselves into the metal sarcophagus shaped cage and watch as lightning bolts connect just inches from their bodies.

On Event Productions launch with Tesla Coil

HVFX electrifies Katy Perry for Sport Relief 2012

HVFX were delighted to take the opportunity to work with Katy Perry during her live performance on BBC1’s ‘Let’s Dance for Sport Relief’ show. Thrilling the audience with her song ‘Part of me’, Miss Perry was surrounded by twelve large plasma balls and four plasma columns, topped off by her own laser display; the ensemble made for an electrifying show.

The vibrant colours of the plasma balls and columns were echoed by the pink and blue stage lights, making the whole vision a show to remember.

HVFX works on Beechams advert

HVFX was asked to provide some hair raising special effects for the latest  Beecham “breathe clear” Menthol commercial. This involved HVFX providing a number of Van de Graaff generators to lift the artists hair on cue as required. It was certainly a hair raising production!

Beechams advert with our Van de Graaff

HVFX works with Kaiser Chiefs

View HVFX's work on the Kaiser Chief's latest chart topping single

HVFX supplies a Tesla coil to Valencia museum

HVFX has recently completed the installation of an SG75 Tesla coil in a museum in Valencia, Spain. This latest order follows on from an order from the museum for electrical bolt guns and large Jacob's ladders that we fulfilled last year. We are proud to have been able to supply the museum twice and believe that the repeat order reflects well on our customer service and ability to supply high quality electrostatic effects.

HVFX and Top Gear

HVFX were excited at being asked to provide a Tesla coil to provide a lightning effect to strike a Porsche 911 Sport Classic and a Porsche Boxter Spyder for the BBC's Top Gear programme at 24 hours' notice.

The Tesla coil was set up close to the cars and the cars were repeatedly struck by lightning bolts up to 3 mtrs in length. Despite the cars being struck with the lightning they were completely undamaged and could be immediately driven away – proving that your car really is the safest place to be in a thunder storm!

Gavin Henson involved in lightning experiment

In the one-off show for Bravo Television, Gavin Henson had to decide if he would take part in an experiment where he would be hit by lightning.

To help him make his decision production brought in high voltage experts HVFX to provide a variety of equipment to demonstrate the effects of lightning. They fired electricity through a pig carcass, ignited a tent and a garden shed and demonstrated that a car really is the safest place to be in a thunder storm!

The finale of the show saw the Welsh rugby ace taking part in a stunt that saw 750,000 volts shoot towards his skull, in complete safety.

After the show Gavin Henson said: “I came face to face with my own death in this extremely dangerous experiment, and used every ounce of personal strength I had to see it through to the very end. I confronted it in the same way I face my opponents on the rugby pitch … head on. Except this time I knew I could lose everything.”

Lightning strikes Th13teen ride at Alton Towers

The team at HVFX was very excited at the prospect of installing a series of air effects and a large Tesla coil at Alton Towers for the exciting new ride, Th13teen.

The air effects are used to scare the ride users as they plunge down into the abyss. The air effects were custom made with precision control to allow the effect to be accurately repeated each time.

The Tesla coil, positioned inside a Faraday Cage within the queue area for the ride, will emit a lightning bolt 1 metre in length. It has also been installed with a custom made controller to allow it to fire the effect for 5 seconds every minute in complete safety.

Tesla Coil at Alton Towers

As with all of MTFX effects, they have been designed for an extremely high duty cycle and will be working continuously for years to come.

To experience these effects, why not spend some time at Alton Towers this summer?!

HVFX supply lightning effects at the Royal Mail's launch of the Royal Society Commemorative Stamps

HVFX recently provided lightning effects at the Royal Mail's launch of the Royal Society Commemorative Stamps. We shot the whole sequence at HVFX’s new warehouse on a very tight deadline.

HVFX supplies high voltage special effects for Most Haunted Live

HVFX supplied 3 different Cages of Death (or Faraday cages) for a recent Most Haunted Live. We placed three people into three different cages – sarcophagus-shaped, coffin-shaped and tube-shaped – and fired 750,000 volts at them. The results were safe but spectacular!

HVFX supplies high voltage special effects for the Discovery Channel

HVFX supplied a number of different high voltage special effects to Raging Planet for the Discovery channel to demonstrate how lightning works. This involved firing lightning over a mannequin dummy, showing how lightning can blow off someone shoes, blow bark off a tree and hit telephone wires and cause fires.

HVFX supplies all the high voltage effects for Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections

HVFX supplied all the high voltage special effects for the highly popular series Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections produced for the National Geographic channel. We were able to guide Richard through safely using our Voltrex stunt suit, which enabled him to control lightning with his fingers. He fired 500,000 volts into the air and a local earthing point. He remarked how great it would be to be a super hero with these powers. We are proud to be part of such a successful show.

Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections

Pyrotechnics at Red Bull X-Fighters finale

HVFX provided all the high voltage special effects for the Red Bull X-Fighters finale at Battersea Power Station recently. Because Battersea Power Station is a Grade II listed structure, special close liaison with the authorities and owners was required.

HVFX moves into a new, purpose-built unit

We are delighted to announce we have just completed our move to a new and larger purpose-built unit at our existing premises. The move means we now have space to have a permanent display of Tesla coils so customers can see them in action. And because all our contact details are staying the same, we won't have any of the usual difficulties associated with a move to new premises.

HVFX completes a permanent installation in Spain

HVFX has just completed a permanent installation in Granada, Spain for a science museum. It involved a standard SG75 tesla coil, controller and a domed Faraday cage.

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Domed Faraday Cage