Cages of Death or Faraday Cages

Our Cages of Death are probably better known as Faraday cages.

A Faraday Cage protects the person inside from the high voltages crackling around them. Sound impossible? Not at all. A Faraday cage blocks the external voltages and stops them harming the person inside.

Of course, until you know that – and even when you do! – a Faraday Cage is a terrifying and thrilling spectacle. We can fire up to 1,250,000 volts at our Faraday Cages with no danger to the person inside.

Whether you’re organising an entertainment event or an educational event, a Faraday Cage might be just the prop you’re looking for.

To enquire about our cages of death, get in touch.

Sarcophagus Faraday cage
Coffin Faraday cage
Tubular Faraday cage

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