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High Voltage Effects
High Voltage Special Effects for Film
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High Voltage Special Effects for TV
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High Voltage Special Effects for Events
Van de Graaff Generator - Ellie Goulding Music Video
High Voltage Special Effects for Music Videos

Ingenious ideas from MTFX High Voltage

HVFX is the home of high voltage effects

HVFX is one of the world’s leading producers of high voltage special effects. We work on films, TV, live events, visitor attractions and science exhibits.


Our state-of-the-art high voltage equipment including Tesla Coil systems, Lightning Domes, Faraday Cages and interactive Electrostatic Systems are available for sale or hire.

High voltage equipment

We provide high voltage lightning effects that add drama and excitement to any event or exhibit.

Tesla coil systems

The HVFX Tesla coil systems are used in visitor attractions, science centres, museums and other public spaces worldwide. Our electrostatic effects are considerably safer than traditional Van de Graaff generators. Our plasma balls amaze visitors with their glowing spectacles of multi-coloured lightning.

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Read All About it – Van De Graaff Generator

The hair raising Van de Graaff Generator is always a popular special effect during this time of year. As the summer holidays commence, our High Voltage machine heads out to various summer camps, science events and ingenious bespoke projects that are in need of some static hair action.

A Van de Graaff Generator is an electrostatic generator which uses a moving belt to build up very high amounts of electrical charge on a hollow metal globe.

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MTFX High Voltage Effects are perfect for:

  • TV or film sets
  • parties
  • photo opportunities
  • concerts
  • fashion shows
  • educational
  • music
  • product launches
  • celebrations
  • opening or closing ceremonies