Tesla Coil Systems

We sell and hire Tesla Coil systems worldwide.

Our Tesla coil systems are used in visitor attractions, science centres, museums and other public spaces worldwide. Our Tesla coil systems produce spark lengths from 300mm to 5 metres – a spectacular visual effect. Some of them can even sing the song of your choice.

For short term hire periods, we supply fully trained and experienced technicians as required. For sale or long term hire, we provide appropriate crew training. Whichever option you choose, we will install your Tesla Coil system for you. We also offer a valuable turnkey installation service. Our experience means we are used to delivering safe, reliable and spectacular electrostatic installations on time no matter how challenging the setting.

See how Tesla Coil installations have been used by previous clients in our Portfolio.

Lightning Dome

Our unique Lightning Domes make an ideal centrepiece effect for exhibitions and events.

The dome forms a self-contained display environment for a large Tesla Coil and provides a secure physical barrier between the audience and the effect. Because it is waterproof, it can even be used outdoors (subject to wind conditions).

Our ingenuity and experience means we manufacture our Tesla Coil systems and Lightning Domes to our exclusive design. Rest assured, we work to internationally recognised engineering standards to give you maximum reliability and minimum total cost of ownership.

If you'd like to use Tesla coil systems in your business get in touch.

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