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Tesla coil lightning effect at the House of Kathmandu

Mallorca's star tourist attraction, the House of Kathmandu features custom designed Tesla coil based lightning effect as its climactic effect. The system was designed from the outset to operate under the control of the integrated ride control system, and features a bespoke safety enclosure as well as an automatic discharge direction system.

We worked with the ride’s architects from the outset to design an effect that fitted within the challenging space constraints, whilst delivering a spectacular effect in keeping with the theme and the ride programme. As the popularity of the attraction has proven, our effects have the power to keep visitor coming back time and time again.

Tesla coil system at Drayton Manor Theme Park

The pre-show at Drayton Manor Theme Park's flagship G-Force attraction features a model SG-30T Tesla coil system. The Tesla coil is integrated with the AV show control system to deliver a climactic conclusion to the pre-recorded entry show.

Ultra-low maintenance was the prime requirement of our client. We responded by producing a system designed to operate with the minimum of servicing or maintenance, whilst inverted some 10 metres above the entrance lobby.

Tesla coil lightning system at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park, one the UK's largest theme parks, chose HVFX to supply a Tesla coil based lighting effect for the opening of their flagship Freezer Halloween attraction. Our system was integrated with the ride control system to respond to visitor movements and trigger as a group passed its enclosure.

The opening weekend was the busiest ever for the attraction, with queues stretching around the block. More than 10,000 visitors were individually terrified by our effect in the first week alone.

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